If my friend buy a ticket for me, can I enter by myself first?

– You need to show the QR code upon entry, it is recommended to enter with your friend that buys your ticket. You can also receive an e-ticket from the purchaser beforehand.

Do I need to pay for a drink ticket every time I re-enter?

– No, you don’t. However, the bags are checked every time you re-enter.

What if I’m not able to show the QR code at entrace? (log-in error to the app, etc.)

– We decide if you are eligible to enter based on the purchaser ID. Please show an email or something that proves you bought a ticket if you need.

Do I need to wear the event wristband?

– Yes, please wear it as you’ll need to show it when re-entering. If you lose it, you might have to buy another ticket.

Will the same-day tickets be sold on the day of the event?

-Yes, they will be.

Can I use the QR code payment to pay for the same-day ticket?

– You can use only PayPay, LINE Pay, or Alipay. Other QR code payments are not acceptable.


Is there any place that we can practice for performance?

– You can practice at dressing room or designated areas. Practicing outside the venue, such as the parking lot, is not allowed.

Do I need to bring a CD for my performance?

– Yes, you do. We don’t accept only electronic data submissions. If you forget the CD, you might have to buy a blank CD-R to avoid any issues with the sound, please bring a backup copy as well just in case.

Can I bring gifts or refreshments?

– Gifts and refreshments are not allowed due to the venue’s policy, no outside food and drink.


Can I bring food and drinks?

– No, you’re not allowed to. If we find any, you’ll need to either consume it right away or dispose it.

Is it free for preschool children?

– Yes, it’s free for preschool children. We might check their age. However, we will not be liable for any injuries or accidents during the event or on the venue premises.

What should I do if I find a lost property?

– Please turn it in to the staff at the reception.

Where can I get a wristband and drink tickets?

– They are available at the reception.

I lost my wristband.

– Let staff know that you lost your wristband at the reception. We’ll give you a new one after verifying your identity and entry.

I lost my drink ticket.

– Sorry, but we don’t reissue drink tickets.

Can I get more drink tickets?

– You can only get one ticket per person upon entry. Cash on available at a bar.

Can I park at the venue?

– Please use nearby paid parking.